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MUA BOOTCAMP - Information

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|| Day One ||

On day one we look at MINDSET and start basic brush skills.

You get to look at what mindset you have been using so far as a Makeup Artist and explore powerful and practical new ways to improve your career through mindset. We do an exercise that some participants have called a ‘game changer’ in their career and is one you can continue to practice indefinitely.

The afternoon we look at the basics of body art exercises. No model required… we practice on ourselves.

We cover the very basics of body art to empower you with the practical exercises of MUA Bootcamp and finish the day with some fundamental exercises.

These practical exercises are designed to train your eyes and hands for advanced makeup skills. Just like a coach would have their team do weights to build strength… these exercises using body art build your makeup artist strength. They are designed to improve accuracy, confidence, and attention to detail, creativity and speed… to name a few.

You do not need to want to be a body artist to do this course. Nor does everyone doing weights at a gym want to be a body builder.

|| Day Two ||

Day Two we use the whole day to learn advanced practical exercises with my close coaching.

We also look at career goals and set your own training programme to continue on with after the course has completed.

You will leave the course with a whole new outlook on your career and with knowledge of what to do to improve in the areas of your artistry you wish to work on. Most artists leave also adding body art to their skill set… this is a great added bonus to the class.

Please Bring:

Your brushes. Makeup Brushes are fine… a variety of small/medium synthetic art brushes can also be handy but not essential if you already have something equivalent in your kit. Some body art pigments can stain synthetic brushes.

Baby wipes, Tissues, Cotton tips.

A pen for notes and your calendar/diary.

Charge up your phone as you will use the camera during practical exercises.

Matte eyeshadows in a variety of colours. Black, Grey, Pink and browns are used frequently.

I will bring the body paints you will require… kits are also available.

Please wear an outfit where you can roll up your sleeves on day one and day two we paint on our thighs. Sunday best not required.

Some people like to bring a towel to rest on.

Lunch BYO. 

An open mind and eagerness to take yourself on as a Makeup Artist.

To find out if there is a Bootcamp coming up in your area... email


Location || You set the location. A dining room would suit best.


Room Requirements

Good lighting.

Table we can all work from (this is not messy and I bring table cover)

Chair per person.

A space that is free from interruptions as this is course that requires uninterrupted attention.

Power source for my laptop.


Course Times || 10-5 both days.

You can decide on the days that suit your group. Subject to availability.


Cost || $800 for 2 days – includes pre-sale of my book, We The Painted, due out Spring 2015.

**$600 Host tuition

***$450 Reviewer tuition

* Payment Plans are optional. $200 deposit required to secure place.

Minimum 3 deposits to secure MUA BOOTCAMP dates.


·         When location is decided we will also decide on artist’s lunch option. I usually encourage BYO so fridge space may be needed.

·         3 or more artists are required for the class to go ahead. 5 if you are in W.A. Aim for 4 or more per class… life does happen sometimes and some artists have to pull out… this will avoid disappointment for the whole group.



For those deciding to host… this is our plan of action once you let me know you want to host.

1 – You decide on some day one and day two date options and I will check my availability. Keep in mind they don’t have to be 2 days in a row… there can be a break if that works better… work it in with you and any fellow mua’s you will have join your boot camps availability. 

2 – Once that’s locked in… send me an email with your address and I will create (only if you want) I social media blast about your dates. You can also use it for your social media. If you prefer to keep your MUA Bootcamp private, that is also possible. 

3 – You tell me what the maximum amount of people is you want to host. 3 is minimum. (5 if you are remote or in WA)


4 – We keep in touch with creating your MUA Bootcamp on a weekly basis until your dates!


Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any other questions.

If you would like to do MUA BOOTCAMP yet do not want to host, please email me and I can put you in touch with other classes in your area.