Becca Gilmartin

HOST YOUR OWN M.U.A. Bootcamp  

There are benefits to hosting your own M.U.A. Bootcamp!

YOU choose the dates

YOU choose the location*

YOU get the discount!

*Becca also has access to established locations as an option


|| Location ||

The Location is set by YOU.

*Becca also has access to locations


                                                                                           || Location Requirements ||

                                                                                  Good lighting.

·                Table we can all work from. A dining table would suit. (this is not messy and I bring table cover).

·         A space that is free from interruptions… this is course that requires uninterrupted attention from every Artist.

·                                                                                           Power source.

                                                                                     || Course Times ||

                                                                   10-5 both days.

                                                                       || Cost ||

$800 for 2 days – includes pre sale of my book due out this year.

*$600 Host tuition

**$450 Reviewer tuition (for repeat Bootcampers)

·         3 + confirmed artists are required for the class to be confirmed. 6+ if you are in a remote location or Perth. Aim for 4 or more per class… life does happen sometimes and some artists have to pull out… this will avoid disappointment for the whole group.

·         Host is required to advertise their course in partnership with Becca. (social media works best) Becca will outline how this can be done and will send through copy of advertising materials.




1 – You decide on some day one and day two date options and Becca will check her availability. Keep in mind they don’t have to be 2 days in a row.

2 – Once the dates are decided and confirmed… Send Becca an email with your address and a social media blast will be created about your dates. This will also be for your social media. If you prefer to keep your MUA Bootcamp private, that is also possible.

4 –Becca and yourself keep in touch with creating your M.U.A. Bootcamp until your Bootcamp.


Please don’t hesitate to email Becca if you have any other questions.