Becca Gilmartin

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“During my time as owner of one of Australia’s most visited makeup stores, we have had a plethora of customers in the last 8 years interact with myself and my staff. Throughout these years we’ve watched educators within the makeup industry come and go. Training continues to be undertaken by both new artists and industry relevant working artists that attend multiple workshops and training events. They are either first timers or continual attendees to different classes who hope to further try improve their skill set. Over time we continued to hear standout praise about one particular educator, Becca Gilmartin. With so many customers and so many workshops and training events you do of course hear feedback that can sometimes be met with disappointment or dissatisfaction from what they felt they received or learned from some classes and courses. But not with Becca’s classes. I can without bias, fear nor favour, attest to putting in writing that the continual feedback is not only extremely positive, but game changing. I’ve met customers that have cried when retelling us how much Becca’s classes have changed them for the better. The proof is in the pudding with watching how these artists have implanted their training to go from strength to strength. I would never ever hesitate in advising our industry customers, colleagues and friends to sign up for Becca’s next class STAT! I would be completely remiss to not practice what I’m preaching so I’m the first one signed up for her next class!”
— Rachael Parnell, Makeup and Glow

I just wanted to stop by quickly and say a huge thank you for your Brisbane class, it was truly amazing and you are such an inspiration. You have completely transformed my thinking and my makeup self esteem is at an all time high. Not only did you teach me Body Art, but you have given me the power to be the best makeup artist I can be, which no other course/workshop has ever done. I am truly thankful to have done your class and to know you.
— Emma, Brisbane

I want to do it again I had the best year of my life last year after starting it off with your course.
— Ellie, Brisbane

I definitely want to do the course again. I had a not so great last half of the year but doing the course prepared me mentally and emotionally to deal with it and this year will be amazing because of it.
— Katrina, Brisbane

Thrilled to be a part of this! The experience I had on Sunday alone has changed so much for me as an artist. Becca, I can’t thank you enough.
— Sarah, VIC

I cant begin to tell you how amazing this course is, its not just about learning to body paint and how that relates to makeup... it’s so much more. Becca is an amazing teacher and mentor. I feel like a new person! Make the opportunity to do her course the next time she is in your area, my heart is lighter and smile brighter.
— Carly, Brisbane

Before doing the course I enjoyed doing makeup but struggled with confidence and my abilities, at times I almost gave up as I just couldn’t get myself to a place where I was happy with my work, even though others would give me compliments on my work. The course was very different from what I expected, it was an eye-opener for sure. I had some great fun doing the body painting, and have plans for so many more paints in the future. But the biggest thing I took out of the course is the knowledge that I CAN do these amazing body paints or any other kind of makeup. The confidence of Knowing I can do the work I love to do and having a better understanding of light and dark and 3d techniques has helped me along so much. I am more proactive in going after big jobs now (and I’m getting them) as I am ready now for this work, these experiences. I am now in a fantastic position with my makeup career taking off. I have upped my prices, getting extra clients and will be working on major fashion parades and pageants this year.
— Melanie, VIC

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the talented Becca Gilmartin and attending her course ...

Excited by the prospect of increasing my skills and learning body painting, I was open and ready to learn.
My belief in myself as an artist is very strong, but there has always been one major hurdle that I could never seem to overcome and that was that I could not draw to save my life!

Believing it and verbalizing it for years, I had created my own negative mindset.

Becca guided me to recognition and understanding of my block.
Becca then taught me to SEE light and shade in a different way. A way of teaching from one makeup artist to another, speaking the same language, making it so easy for me to understand.

Because of Becca, I have started to draw. I wanted to share my first ever pencil drawing with you.

I can and will never say I can’t draw again!

Thanks Becca!
— Suzie, QLD

                                           Trish, Central Coast.


                      Trish, Central Coast.